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Class Action Damages

DM&A has a significant practice devoted to the analysis and measurement of claims in class action wage and hour disputes. We combine subject matter expertise with accounting and statistical analysis to calculate unpaid wages and other elements of damage suffered by members of the class. Our assignments regularly require accurately synthesizing millions of data points to arrive at defensible opinions of damage and resulting penalties. The results of our analyses are skillfully presented in a manner understandable to a trier of fact and other interested parties.

DM&A professionals have been designated as experts in both California and federal courts, and have testified at numerous depositions and assisted in various mediations and arbitrations.

Common causes of employment class action claims include:

  • Failure to Pay Overtime

  • Misclassification of Employment Status (exempt vs. non-exempt)

  • Non-Compliant Meal and Rest Breaks

  • Regular Rate of Pay Issues

  • Unpaid Time Worked Off-the-Clock

  • Unreimbursed Expenses

  • Ability to Pay Analysis


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