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Machinery & Equipment Appraisal

DM&A’s expertise in machinery and equipment appraisal is focused on business-oriented asset categories, such as structures and improvements, machinery, logistical systems, vehicles, furniture and fixtures, and technology build-out. Industries range from retail storefronts to sophisticated manufacturing plants.

Our appraisers routinely develop opinions of value for replacement cost, fair market value in use, orderly liquidation, and forced liquidation for clients nationwide.

Tangible asset appraisals are required for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Ad Valorem Taxes

  • Bankruptcy and Receivership

  • Bank Lending/Financing

  • Business Disputes

  • Charitable Contributions

  • Cost Segregation Analysis

  • Eminent Domain

  • Estate Tax and Estate Planning

  • Financial Reporting

  • Foreclosure

  • Insurance Claims

  • Marital Dissolution

  • Public Agency Bond Considerations

  • Purchase Price Allocation


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